“Amazing, Just The Way You Are…”

Have you ever felt despondent? Have you ever felt like nothing really matters anyway, there actually is no hope. No one really cares what I do?

Have you ever felt unimportant, or insignificant? And when you feel this way I bet you think: “I need a change, any change, maybe a new hobby, or a new house, or a new career, or a new husband. Maybe I need a holiday”.

We think that somehow, changing something will revitalize and re-energize us to give us more purpose. Somehow, we think that everything we do now, is nothing but flogging a dead horse, and it’s surely time to move on from such a pointless existence.

If you are feeling like this, you are not alone. This is in fact, nothing more than an age-old trick the devil keeps up his sleeve to get us Christians to be ineffective. Sometimes it is exactly these changes that result in you missing what God wanted you to accomplish in the first place, right there in the situation you were in.

This un-immersion tactic of the devil’s is one he’s even played on the Corinthian Church!

Let’s see what Paul instructs the church to do in these situations in 1 Corinthians 7:17…

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