The “God-And” Mentality

How wonderful is it to serve the only true God, our Lord and Saviour Jesus. There is nothing that catches Him by surprise, there is nothing He doesn’t know. There is no one stronger or more powerful, there is no one more wise. There is no one that can manipulate Him, there nothing He cannot do, and there is nowhere where you can escape from His sight. He truly is the only, amazing God.

Is this truly what we believe. How do we know if what we profess to believe is what is in our hearts? Are you convinced that God is your only source of blessing? Or do you perhaps believe that there is some other way that something can come to you that you would make you happy? If you are really honest with yourself this morning, do you believe in a God AND some other type of religion?

Turn with me in your Bible to 1 Cor 10:14…

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