The Tool-kitters Debut: Part II, How Will I Know?

A survey conducted between 2016 and 2018 revealed some of the biggest questions Christians asked themselves in their walks with God.

They were surprised to find that the most dominant questions Christians asked of themselves, “How do I know if I’m saved?” They were even more intrigued to know that this wasn’t a once off occasion of doubt, but rather a cycle that people got into and always ended up asking this question at the end.

You may be a person here this morning asking yourself the very same questions. “How do I know if I’m saved.”

“How do I really know if I’m God’s son or daughter.”

“Am I really one of God’s people?”

You may have doubts but Jesus doesn’t want you to be uncertain. It is God’s will for you today, that you become completely convinced of where you stand with Him.

Let’s see what Jesus had to say on the matter in John 14…

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