The Victory Over Death

Two close friends of mine, experienced the departing of loved ones  this week. One of the departed, was on his way to hospital to get his wife medical attention when he suffered a fatal heart attack.

When we are faced with these matters, we realise that death is the greatest equalizer amongst men. It matters not who you are, how rich you are or even how old you are. It is not influenced by how healthy you eat, or how sickly you are.

Death is a reality that we all have to face. This peculiar subject makes us all uncomfortable and yet intrigued. So we try to forget about it and avoid about it.

However, we the Church, don’t have to shy away from this subject. It is in fact one of the seven foundation stones. And if it one of the seven of the doctrine of God, then surely we have to know what the Bible says!

Turn with me to 2 Cor 4.13…

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