We live in a country where the majority of the people have been suppressed for such a long time.  For whatever reason: people they don’t like or people they want to get back at,  this is the reason behind the culture of demand we see before us right now. Demanding what is right, what is fair, what should be legally, morally, ethically theirs.

This is in so many ways such a good thing. Many people are now receiving water, sanitation, electricity, education, medical care and a number of other services they were not fortunate enough to have had before.

But unfortunately, there is some bath water with this baby. It has created a damaging “demand” culture. Once upon a time people only wanted freedom, access and equal opportunities. Now others have jumped on this bandwagon and are attempting to stretch its limits. To stretch it far beyond what is right and fair, to how much can I claim under the banner of “we demand”.

In the church, you would expect things to be different, but if we are honest, we recognize the disease of demand has left a residue even in the most noble amongst us. Where we choose to demand what is right, what we deserve, what is owed to us instead of using the freedom we have, to LOVE.

The freedom we have in Christ is immense, but it is limited only by #thethingswedoforLOVE.

Turn with me to 1 Corinthians 10:23…

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