My Hero Came To Save Me

2 years ago from July 2018, God completed a process of rescuing me. It was a gruelling 6 months of teaching me to trust Him enough that finally allowed Him to pull me out of the pit of despair that my life had become. I had drifted far from The Word of God, and far from His people over a 10 year period and as a result my soul was starving. But like a horse being led to water – God led me back to His Church.

And it was in His Church that He rescued me from the toxic life I had built for myself, and showed me another way. His way! I received a weekly dose of The Word that was like medicine for my heart. It was what gave me strength to get through the week – until finally I was set free from torment and slavery!
I was so incredibly humbled by His heroic pursuit of me that when all was said and done – I was convinced this work was now complete. And I was overwhelmed with gratitude!

But in the last 2 years – I realised that that was not my happy ending but rather a great beginning. God has since taken me on a glorious  journey! A journey of discovery – not of myself but of HIM! He’s led me on a path that required me to devote myself to the study of His Word. I’ve since been discipled by Burger and Cathrin of Foundations Church – who’ve completely fulfilled the great commission not just in my life but in the lives of so many others that God has entrusted to them. They’ve walked a road with me that shows me the application of God’s Word, and have shown me how to grow in my relationship with Jesus.

And the more of Him I know, the more my faith grows. And the more my faith grows, the more of His plan and purpose for my life is revealed.

And so here we are 2 years later…We have reached a point of appointment. Appointment by God to serve His people. A monumental event of ordination. And once again I’m reminded – that this is not my happy ending – but yet another glorious beginning! My adventure with Jesus has only just begun!

Only Jesus could take a broken child like me and make me whole again

Only Jesus could bring the right people into my life at the right time – The ultimate intervention!

Only Jesus can bring me this kind of complete restoration!

Only Jesus can choose a girl from a small town in the middle of nowhere to bring His Word to His Church

Only Jesus can save someone so far gone – that life seems impossible to continue.

Only Jesus can give life to the dead.

Only Jesus!

And once again – All I could ever say – Is thank you Jesus!

As I share my story – I pray that some other person out there, who is overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness and despair has the revelation of The God Of Hope. That this story will inspire someone to hang in there and seek Jesus. Seek Him and His plan. To see that God is not some far off being removed from the earth and operating at a distance – but He is a personal God, into personal relationships with people. That His love surpasses all things – and that there is redemption from guilt and shame through the work of the cross.

I pray that some lost soul reading this, has the revelation of Jesus. That it is never too late, and you are never too gone for Jesus to rescue you.

I pray that anyone reading this, stuck in slavery, will be set free.

Love Cassy

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The 180 Degree Turn Factor

It all began around a year ago. I was living in Cape Town at the time, stuck in a job I was miserable in. My relationships had failed miserably and I eventually found myself with very few friends and no family. I had lost my home, my girlfriend, the family I was responsible for and my car. I had lost all hope. I was at a point where I had to make a decision. Either try make it work in Cape Town, or relocate to Johannesburg.

After much thought and debate I finally decided I had to bite the bullet and leave the life I had in the beautiful coastal region of Cape Town to come back to the city. But that wasn’t the hard part – The most heartbreaking part was leaving my seven-year old son behind – the only family I really had in Cape Town.

Within the first week of coming back I joined NewDAY Church in Edenvale, and found a home group in Alberton led by Burger Pretorius. Here I reconnected with God again and found inner peace and a purpose for my life.

I didn’t even realize how lost I really was until I committed and surrendered completely to God. In this community I have met some of the most amazing people, people who I now consider not only some of my closest friends, but can honestly call them family.

5 months after relocating to Johannesburg, I received news that the mother of my child was also relocating to Johannesburg!

I was beyond ecstatic! I would have my son in my life again! I never imagined that this was even a possibility.

3 months after that, I went from not having car, career, clear destination and direction or knowing where make next paycheck would come from – to having a not just a career but one that I never before dreamed I could have and enjoy so much! I’m absolutely loving it and earning a salary beyond my wildest expectations at the same time! And as if that wasn’t enough, I now also have a company car with fuel.

Within a very short time of committing my life to The Lord, my life has changed completely. In ways I never thought possible.

All I know is, the God I serve, Jesus Christ, is not only my Lord and savior, but He’s my best friend. Without him in my everyday life, I am nothing.

I am so grateful to Burger and team for welcoming me into their home. For sharing their passion for Christ Jesus and taking the time to invest in teaching me the truths of The Bible. It is a privilege and an honour to serve in Foundations Church.

Thank You God for saving me, and for giving me true purpose in this life, I now know what the meaning of the word LOVE is.

Marco Miguel

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The Power Of Agreement

“For a while now we have been struggling financially in that there always seems to be a lot more month left at the end of the money, despite us cutting back on any unnecessary spending.

After a long chat one night we agreed that it was never Gods intention for us to live like this and that we should pray into the area of our finances. We prayed that He would guide us in the administration of our salaries and provide us with what was intended for us.

We prayed in agreement on this and quite literally the next day things were shifted and a situation which seemed almost impossible to navigate became a whole lot easier.

This isn’t a testimony about money or finance but rather one of the power of agreement and Gods ability to make massive changes in our lives no matter how dire or hopeless one feels.

We still have a long road to walk in this area of our lives but we stand in agreement that God will provide as he sees fit and we will look to him on how best to administer and make use of what He provides.”

Andrew & Claudia Beck

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