The “Rights” Stuff

As we continue through Corinthians, we are going to look at the contrast between  the circumstances people faced in Paul’s time verses the circumstances today.

Slavery was once a common practice. You were actually in a better position as a slave than one who did not have a job. You were fed and taken care of, but you did not have any rights. There may have been opportunities for some to buy their freedom – but for most – this was their life.

Today slavery has been abolished and we hear of very few countries were this practice is still prevalent. For the rest of us, we now have human rights commissions to make sure these injustices don’t ever happen again.

The implementation of such organisations was meant to regulate the practice, but has instead pushed society to another extreme. We have strayed away from human rights and gone over to demands. We now demand what we want.

We demand free housing and free education, and there are dozens more that we constantly put forward to our government.

The Bible, however, described people in relation to their rights quite differently.

Turn with me to 1 Cor 9. 3 – 14…


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