The Battle of The Sexes

Once upon a time, the city of Johannesburg was enthralled by a radio show called the Battle of the Sexes. The trivia based game that hoped to find the ultimate sex. Somehow beyond reason, we were beyond engaged, we were personally invested. You didn’t even know who the contestants were, but you knew you who you were backing – you didn’t understand how, but you knew that by default you found yourself on one of the 2 teams.

The true battle of the sexes, however, is not a game show. It is one that began immediately after the fall, one which has followed mankind all through time and space. It exists even where you are right this very minute. The only difference is whether or not we are able to see it. With superhuman shapeshifting abilities, it has managed to transcend race, cultures and geographic regions – so it remains in some contexts well hidden, and in others painfully obvious.

But today – whatever traces we may have of that battle in this context, is about to end. By the end of this message – we will all settle the questions, of who the real winner of the battle of the sexes is.

Let’s read from 1 Corinthians 11 verse 2…

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Meating With Love

The first letter to the Corinthians is an epistle that remains relevant despite the fact that it is written at a different time and into a different culture. In fact, the problems the Corinthians faced prompted Paul to write a text that has become crucial for us to learn how to behave in a faith community.

When the Corinthians ask Paul a difficult question regarding eating meat sacrificed to idols, Paul’s response deals not only with the issue but more importantly, it deals with their hearts in a way I am sure they could not foresee.

This specific text is still dealing with our hearts as we submit ourselves to the word of God. Turn with me to 1 Corinthians 8…

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