Life Through Honour

No-one wants to be sick and die prematurely

So how many of you would like to know the secret, on how NOT to end up under such severe judgment?

In a city called Corinth, there was a Church, many years ago, where this unfortunate scenario played itself out. As Paul says, many were sick, and some even fell asleep – a beautiful euphemism for the harsh reality of death.

All because the members of the body were dishonouring each other.

The Church at the time was influenced heavily by the Roman government, which was built on a hierarchical system. There were the wealthy, the slaves and the freeman – and these classifications of humans found its way into the Church. These divisions, caused the wealthier Christians to treat the poorer Christians in an unjust manner – and this greatly displeased The Lord.

The end result was that many of them fell sick, and some even fell asleep.

Turn with me in your Bibles to 1 Corinthians 11.17…


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